How to Potty Train a Girl

How to Potty Train a Girl

The perfect age to potty train a girl is between eighteen months to three years and in some cases, it can go beyond four years of age.  It is generally noted that girls tend to start their potty training much earlier as compared to boys.  There are no perfect guidelines regarding this subject as each child is unique in his or her way and to restrict something like potty training to an age chart can be quite wrong.

Due to individual personalities, children can respond quite differently to a potty training regimen.  It is always better to buy all the paraphernalia related with potty training before hand and start talking about its use with your daughter rather than unexpectedly starting the whole exercise.  Since you have already introduced your daughter to this subject, she may not find it awkward to suddenly use the toilet.

Pre-potty Training and Its impact

In order to gradually introduce your daughter to the concept of potty training, you must start the preparations long before the actual exercise.   The first step is to buy all the material required for potty training.  One of the most important tools required is the potty training seat.  Usually there are two types of potty training seats, which are standalone potty seats with removable bowls or small sized seats which can be fixed on the existing toilet seat.  It is of high importance that you opt for the right equipment.  The other items associated with this regimen may include potty training pants, DVDs, CDs and books to prepare your daughter for the entire process.

By allowing her to watch cartoon movies and songs, you can fire her imagination and create an atmosphere of excitement which can ease her mind regarding this concept.  When she  starts wearing training pants instead of her usual diapers, it will establish a sense of achievement for her and create enthusiasm to do more.  You can also use her favorite dolls to introduce her to potty training and she can practice her new found skills with her doll.  The next step is to let her pick out her own potty training seat and let her personalize it with stickers. This will create a sense of ownership and stimulate her to try it out.

How to Select a Potty Training Seat

When opting for any of the potty trainers available, one must make sure that the size and design of training seats are appropriate in weight and size.  It must have a design that  provides stability and comfort.  While opting for such equipment, you should make sure that:

  • The size and design of the training seat allows your daughter can lean forward without losing her balance.
  • Standalone potty seats are high enough to allow the child to firmly place her feet on the floor.
  • Adapter seats allow you to fix them securely to your toilet seat and provide the required comfort and security to your toddler.
  • A stool or one-step ladder is available while using adapter seats so that your daughter is able to climb on and off the seat.
  • Material used should be of high quality.

Hygiene Consideration for Potty Training

Even after getting settled with using a potty, children tend to depend upon a parent for wiping and washing their hands etc.  The hardest part for a little one is wiping after the business is done.  Apart from hygiene related to this procedure, poor cleaning of the bottom can result not only in messy situations but can also lead to some serious health problems.  Depending upon the personality of a kid, she may or may not want your help in doing so.  Whatever the position may be, you must make sure that your little one establishes good habits from the start.  As a parent you should make sure that:

  • She learns the proper way to wipe, which is from front to back. Doing opposite of that can create some serious health problems and can be a major cause of urinary tract infections.
  • She is introduced to flushable toilet paper or wipes. an
  • She is motivated to wash her hands after each use of toilet.


There is no sure shot method to potty training your daughter as each individual is unique.  There are many methods employed by parents from all over the world to potty train their kids and a majority of these ideas depend upon the personality and likings of your child.  If you are not sure about how to start the potty training process, the best option is to consult your friends or relatives.  While doing so, keep in mind that you should not follow their guidelines too strictly because what worked for them may not work for you.

You must be ready to innovate and cajole your child to start participating in this exercise.  Nowhere during the whole regimen should you lose your patience if there is any untoward incident.  Just keep on working with your daughter and get all the information required for proper potty training to help you make informed decision for your kid to learn the proper use of toilet hygiene.


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