Best Cloth Training Pants

Super Undies Pull-On Training Pants Size 1

Potty training pants are an essential part of the gear required for potty training toddlers. This product is required when kids transition from diapers to underpants at around the age of eighteen months to three and half years as they start showing muscle memory and control of bladder and bowel movements.

A majority of parents opt for cloth training pants as opposed to paper diapers and plastic disposable training pants as the former are friendly to the skin and can be reused after a spin in the washing machine. These cloth trainers allow your big kid to feel wet (like underwear) – and get the feedback they need to start the journey to potty trained.

These trainers are quite easy to use and can save a lot of money while keeping the skin of your toddler dry and comfortable. Compared to absorbent diapers, cloth training pants allow the toddler to feel the wetness which is an essential part of the potty training process.

The best cloth training pants come with a soft elastic waistband which allows toddlers to easily pull the trainers up and down, thus making potty trips several times in a day much easier.

In this article we will go through some of the top cloth training underwear to help you find the best fit for your little one.

Top Overall Pick:Best Bottom Potty Training Kit

Best Bottom Potty Training Kit

Looking for a total training system that will take your toddler from diaper-wearing begininer to toliet-trained expert? The Best Bottom Training Kit is exactly the idea you are looking for!

This toddler training pant is designed to imitate real underwear and comes with snap-in feel wet inserts that absorb urine and provide the required wet feeling so that your child can identify the need to change their underpants. The inserts are quite attractive with different patterns and prints on them. The outer part is made of soft and stretchable cotton while the inner waterproof zone is designed for accommodating wet inserts.

These kits are made in the USA so there’s a level of craftsmanship that might be missing from products made in other countries. You can opt for as many inserts as you like; generally, 6 to 9 inserts are recommended for one kid. The inserts are for sale separately – for example, these inserts are made for overnight wear and absorbency.

If light urine soils the insert but does not reach the pants, then remove the soiled insert, snap a new one on and the pants are ready to be reused. Each package includes one pair of pants and three removable inserts.


  • Designed like underwear
  • Manufactured using high quality cotton fabric for the shell with waterproof inside panel
  • Quite easy to change the inserts due to snap-in design
  • Soft elastic waistband for easy removal
  • Made in the United States of America.


Great No-Frills Training Underwear: Gerber Training Pants

Best Cloth Training Pants

​Gerber has been a trusted name in baby care for nearly 100 years.  In general, I often use Gerber products as the benchmark against which I judge other brands.  It hasn’t burned me personally yet.

These trainer pants are designed to provide basic potty training for toddlers. The center panel comes with a built-in layers of combed cotton to help with absorption. These pants have the capacity to absorb small accidental leaks and are inexpensive enough that you can buy several. The soft elastic waistband allows easy removal and provides increased comfort around the waist.

These pants are quite durable and you can use them multiple times as they are machine washable and can be tumble dried to make them ready for reuse. Gerber Training Pants are available in three different sizes and colors including white and blue for boys and pink for girls. Our link to the product on Amazon is for white only, but you can shop around to find other colors if you really want to. This package of six pairs of trainer pants which should get you from one wash cycle to another.

Our Tip: While colors are prettier and more interesting, it’s a lot easier to bleach white training pants when accidents happen.


  • Manufactured using combed cotton fabric on the internal shell and a blended cotton layer between panels for maximum absorption
  • Inexpensive and reusable; machine wash and tumble dry
  • Covered elastic waistband does not pinch skin
  • Easy to pull up and down.


  • Too thin to control major leaks
  • Sizing currently seems to be a bit small – if in doubt move up a size.

Gerber Training Pants are designed for toddlers who are ready to transition from disposable diapers to cloth training pants. Gerber is a recognized brand for potty training of toddlers.

Best Lined Cloth Trainers: Luvable Friends Training Pants

Luvable Friends 3-Pack Water Resistant Training Pants

These four-pack water resistant training pants are manufactured using 100 percent cotton outers with a contained polyester PEVA lining for leak control. There are a variety of colors and patterns available to make potty training more fun-filled for your loved one. These pants come fitted with 100 percent polyester inner lining and a waterproof layer to control all but the largest leaks.

The comfortable binding around the waistband prevents accidental pinching of the skin and makes it quite easy for kids to use.  Seams are built with care- that can be a problem with some brands.


  • 100 percent cotton for outer shell and 100 percent PEVA polyester filling
  • Fitted with water resistant lining to avoid accidental leakage
  • Soft comfortable binding on elastic used in waistband and leg edges
  • Wide variety of color variations for boys and girls


  • Leg holes may be too tight for some children.  
  • Not made in the USA.

Best For Elimination Communication: Tiny Trainers

Best Cloth Training Pants

If you have decided on the Elimination Communication theory of toilet training you’ll find these OKEO-TEX certified trainers could be just the ticket!

Why? These cloth trainers are made to ensure your child is able to feel wet when an accident occurs. Like real underwear, one pair of Tiny Trainers will protect your floor or furniture from a smaller-sized pee. If you are out and about and need more protection, you should put another pair of underwear on top for double protection.

Made in the USA (by a smaller, Mom-owned company in North Carolina) you can quality is of the upmost importance. They are designed in natural or unisex colors so you can reuse them with multiple children over the years. Our image features the “blackberry purple” model – for some reason I want to keep calling them “blueberry trainers” but they aren’t – there are a wide variety of other patterns and colors to choose from


  • These trainers are made with care
  • No harmful dyes or sweatshop hands touched these underwear
  • Soft comfortable binding on elastic used in waistband and leg edges
  • Wide variety of variations for both girls and boys


  • While not organic cotton, they still are made with sustainability in mind. 
  • Not for overnight wear – use a wool diaper over them for more protection.

Best Organic Trainers: Under The Nile Organic Cotton Trainers

Best Cloth Training Pants

These cotton trainers are made of 100% Organic Egyptian cotton for your child’s comfort and care. They don’t skip on material either – these are thicker than most of the other training diapers in our list. They will provide good accident protection – but again, these aren’t waterproof so a large pee won’t be contained.

Sizes start at 12-24M and move up from there. They have good-sized leg holes and a very comfortable waistband. This can lead to some leakage on the legholes – check to make sure they fit your toddler’s build. It is easy for a kid to pull these up and down in a pinch when needed.

A great set of cotton training pants for toddlers, you’ll find them easy to wash and resuse over and over again. They are well made so they should hold up through multiple children being trained over the years.


  • A high-quality choice for those looking organic
  • The binding on the legs and waist are comfortable and easy to use
  • There are choices for traditional boys, girls, and unisex patterns and colors.
  • Easy to wash and dry.


  • Won’t keep a child’s bedding dry overnight on their own. 
  • Made in Egypt – not in the USA – if that is important to you.

Super Undies Pull-On Training Pants

Super Undies Pull-On Training Pants Size 1

These pants are quite easy to use. The design of Super Undies is based on the popular cloth pocket diapers. These pants are fitted with micro-fiber to absorb the maximum amount of wetness. An extra pocket which runs from front to the back allows the use of Step-up inserts for extra protection.

Even though these pants are completely waterproof, they still retain some wetness so that your toddler feels the out of the soiled pants. These pants help your kid easily transition from diapers to potty training pants as they are designed just like real underwear.

The extra large size of the pocket of these pants allows for the use of multiple inserts for added absorbency. It is suitable for toddlers with a waist size ranging from 18 to 21 inches and is recommended for children two to 5 years. Of course, that will depend on your child’s size more than age.


  • Designed like real underwear
  • Extra large pocket for multiple inserts
  • Inner fabric made of smooth polyester and Lycra blend
  • Microfiber terry cloth for inner absorption


  • May leak

Super Undies Pull-On Training Pants are designed in such a way that the wet zone is completely waterproof with stretchable side tabs so that your kid can easily put them on and off. Their water proof design and ease of usage makes them perfect for potty training.


All of the cloth training pants reviewed in this article have their own unique features and designs. If you are looking out for a name brand pair of training pants for your kid then the Gerber Training Pants (6-pairs) are the best option because of their competitive price range and the quality of materials used in the manufacturing of the product.

Another good option is Luvable Friends 3-Pack Water Resistant Training Pants as they are usually reasonably priced. If you are looking for potty training pants with inserts, then you should opt for Super Undies Pull-On Training Pants as the extra-large pocket provided in these pants allow you to use multiple inserts for extra absorption.

If you have questions or if you’ve used any of these products, leave a note in the comments.



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