The Best Cribs for Babies and Toddlers

best cribs

Every parent remembers the first baby crib they bought for their firstborn. Some parents may remember the challenges of selecting the best cribs without knowing what works best. With the variety of cribs available, choosing the perfect crib for your baby could be one of the greatest memories; it can also be challenging as it is exciting.  

Some cribs are designed for newborns, and others have a conversion kit transforming the convertible crib into a toddler bed or full-size bed for older kids. These cribs you will use for years. Keep in mind that a 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 convertible crib requires a conversion kit, conversion kits aren’t always included in the package. The bed frame and mattress may also be sold separately.  Therefore, make sure what is included in the sale. Also, check the safety standards the manufactures adhered to.

We have selected the best cribs for newborns and toddlers, showing each crib’s unique and best features.

Stockcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Overall Baby Crib for Toddlers

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • The award-winning baby crib is a convertible that changes to a toddler bed and daybed and a full-sized bed for a teenager.
  • Three adjustable mattress heights function with the crib, the toddler bed, and daybed keeping up as the baby grows.
  • The three color options and the magical sleigh design may complement any nursery.

Changes I’d make:

  • Assembling the cribs may take longer than some anticipate.  
  • The changing table may be too small for some moms and dads.

The Stockcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is overall the best convertible baby crib that grows with your child. The crib converts to a toddler bed, day bed, and full-size bed for your teenager. It is designed from solid wood and wood products to last for years.

Three mattress positions allow adjusting the mattress heights as the baby becomes more mobile and taller. Parents can set the mattress height at the top for a newborn and move it to a lower position when the infant sits up or starts leaning against the crib rails. The mattress heights are designed for convenience and to keep babies safe.

When your baby is about 35 inches tall, they are getting too big for the crib. This could be the right time to introduce them to the toddler bed. Three sides of the toddler bed have rails to keep your toddler safe and comfortable. The adjustable mattress is set at the lowest position so that the child can climb onto the bed with ease. Safety guardrails are sold separately for the toddler bed.

Both the toddler bed and day bed have side rails to make sure your child won’t fall off the bed at night. The familiarity of the rails may inspire your toddler to transition more natural. As your tween grows taller, you can adapt the mattress heights of the daybed. The full-size bed has a headboard and footboard. The mattress and full-sized metal bed frame are sold separately.

The magical sleigh design comes in three color options, espresso, white, and grey to combine with the nursery décor. With over 75 years of experience in baby furniture, Stockcraft manufactures products for each stage of your child’s development from the nursery to a teenage bedroom. The Stockcraft convertible crib won the 2020 Women’s Choice Award and ticks all the boxes parents need in convertible cribs. The option of purchasing a changing table in the same style and colors may appeal to some parents.

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best for Petite Parents and Drop Rails Alternative

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • The low-profile design makes it easy to reach the baby, even for shorter parents or babysitters.
  • The baby cribs are made from eco-friendly New Zealand pine wood.
  • The baby cribs are Greenguard Gold certified, ensuring a safe experience for your little one.
  • The conversion kit is included in the package.

Changes I’d make:

  • The assembly instructions may be confusing to some.

The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible crib is one of the best baby cribs with a low-profile design that makes it easy to reach the baby. Since drop rails were banned, finding a crib that isn’t too high could be a challenge for shorter stature moms and dads. Petite parents or teenager babysitters may comfortably reach for the baby over the guardrails.

Most baby cribs have an adjustable mattress with three settings. The Babyletto Hudson crib mattress, however, has four adjustable mattress positions. Parents comfortably adjust the level for their convenience and the safety of the growing baby.  Although the mattress is not included in the purchase, the baby crib dimensions of 53.5 x 29.7 x 35 inches supports any universal mattress fit.

Screws and hardware are hidden and not visible on the outside, giving the baby crib a sleek, polished look. The modern baby cribs are constructed from New Zealand pine wood, which eco-conscious parents may appreciate. The wood is some of the best renewable and sustainable wood available. The baby crib is Greenguard Gold certified, meets UL safety standards, and exceeds US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International safety standards.

If your baby tries to climb out of the cot or has grown to 35 inches tall, they may be ready to transition from the crib to a toddler bed, daybed conversion. The conversion kit, which is included in the sale, transforms the crib quickly to a toddler bed for your child. A toddler rail for the bed is also included.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Foldable Crib

Best Bedside Sleeper for Newborns

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • Seven positions heights bring the bassinet to the same level as the parents’ bed.
  • The two-sided mesh allows airflow and makes it easy for parents to check on their newborn baby.
  • The baby crib is a bassinet and a bedside sleeper supporting newborns up to 5 months and 33 pounds.

Changes I’d make:

  • At five months, your baby may be too big for the bassinet and should be moved to a mini crib.

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Foldable Crib is the best baby cribs for having your newborn close to you but not in your bed. The baby crib functions as a baby bassinet and a bedside sleeper for newborns to 5 months old babies or infants weighing 33 pounds.

Two fastening straps attach the bassinet to your bed, and with seven height positions, you can have the crib at your bed level. The height adjustments ranging from 13 to 21 inches from the floor correlate with the 18-26-inch height of the parents’ bed. When your precious baby is sleeping next to your bed, you don’t have to get up at night to feed or change a nappy. After you have fed them or changed the baby’s nappy, place them back in the crib and go back to sleep. 

The two sides are made from a breathable mesh material, which ensures maximum breathability for your baby. It also allows parents to check on their baby during the night without disturbing the newborn. The one side lowers for easy access if you want to touch your child reassuringly, or confirm they are comfortable.

A stable sleeping board supports the mattress. Two side pockets conveniently hold the necessities you want to be at arm’s length. The built-in wheels with breaks steer the bassinet safely and steadily without disturbing the baby or damaging the floor. When your baby can pull themselves into an upright position, it may be the signal to transform them into a standard crib.

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib

Best Portable and Storage Baby Crib

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • The baby crib is portable for easy transport and storage in small spaces. The adjustable mattress, which is included, folds with the crib when storing it.
  • Mobile casters help move the crib to other rooms in the house or apartment with ease.
  • The baby crib is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood that may last for years. It is also JPMA certified and comply with CPSC and ASTM safety regulations.

Changes I’d make:

  • The crib may become too narrow for older babies.

The Delta Children Mini Baby Crib is one of the best baby cribs for parents in small homes or who like to move the cribs around in the house or apartment. The baby crib is designed for portability with its mobile casters to effortlessly steer the crib to another room or move it against the nursery wall for more space. It also folds flat for storage purposes or when transported from one destination to another.

Two mattress settings adjust the crib mattress heights for conveniently attending a newborn and changing it to the lower mattress level as the baby grows. The crib comes with an adjustable mattress. One of the baby crib’s best portability features is the mattress folding with the crib for storage purposes—no need to find additional space for the mattress too.  

Delta Children proudly claim that about 50% of all children sleep in their products. The company has been manufacturing for over 50 years; its purpose is to design baby products that will make parents’ lives easier. The mobile casters for easy portability are one example of developing baby and juvenile-products with parents in mind.

The baby crib is manufactured from sustainable New Zealand pine wood. The manufacturers followed the crib safety guidelines; the baby crib is JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified. It is also made from non-toxic materials and exceeds CPSC and ASTM safety regulations.

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

Best Travel Crib for Holidays and Short Trips

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • The travel crib is easy to set up and takedown. It folds in half into a carry bag that looks like a large briefcase.
  • The sturdy legs at a slight angle avoid babies knocking over the crib.
  • The durable material is Oeko-Tex certified, that includes third-party testing. The crib fabric and mattress cover is machine washable.

Changes I’d make

  • There is no conversion kit to transform the crib into a bassinet.

The BabyBjörn travel crib is one of the best baby cribs that keep the family mobile. The baby crib is designed for sleepovers at grandma’s house, visiting a friend, taking a road trip, or flying to your holiday destination. The crib comes with a carry bag for safe storage and portability.

When visiting a friend, and it is time for your baby’s nap, the crib setup takes a few seconds. Your baby may sleep comfortably on the soft mattress, which is included in the purchase. Parents have the option to purchase the baby crib with or without a fitted sheet. The air mesh fabric allows for safe breathing of your little one and gives you consistent supervision over your child. The mesh fabric allows your baby to look out and see you so that they don’t feel alone.

The legs are slightly angled with a broader base than the opening at the top. It provides stability to the crib, ensuring that the baby won’t knock the crib over. The crib is designed for newborns to three-year-old toddlers or when the child is tall enough to climb out of the crib. The crib is Oeko-Tex certified, which includes third-party testing for various harmful substances and emissions.

The crib fabric is 100% polyester, and the mattress cover is 100% Trevira fabric. It is removable and machine washable, but you cannot tumble dry it. BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business that specializes in products for newborns to three-year-old toddlers. Their vision is a more comfortable everyday life for families while enjoying the early years of the children.

Dream On Me Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Best Crib for Minimalist and Small Nurseries

best cribs

What makes it good:

  • The convertible crib doesn’t take up spaces with its small footprint. The minimalist design blends in with the nursery décor.
  • The crib converts into four stages: a crib, toddler bed, day bed, and twin bed for older kids.
  •  Mattress height adjustment levels allow for crib options that work best for parents and the child.  

Changes I’d make:

  • Twin size bed rails and the bed frame for the kid bed are purchased separately.

The spacious Dream On Me Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Cribs with its small footprint is the best cribs for small nurseries.  The baby crib’s minimalist design gives a spacious effect and won’t dominate the nursery. It may also appeal to modern parents who don’t like clutter or many decorations.

The convertible baby crib is made from New Zealand pine wood and designed to last for many years. Sturdy spade feet support the solid wood frame and don’t take up much floor space. With seven colors to choose from and a matching changing table and dresser, parents may furnish the nursery to their liking. The colors range from light, neutral to darker shades to accommodate nursery themes and décor.  

A Dream On Me mini crib mattress is the best fit for the baby crib that measures 39 x 28 x 37 inches. The crib mattress is non-toxic, and Greenguard Gold certified.  Parents have the option to purchase the baby crib with or without the adjustable mattress. The crib comes with a stationary, non-drop New Zealand pine side rail that will keep your baby safe. The baby crib is low to the ground so that parents can quickly reach their baby over the safety side rail.

You won’t need to buy a new bed for each growth stage. As your child grows, the crib converts to the four stages: crib, toddler bed, day bed, and twin bed. The adjustable mattress, with its height settings, also keeps up with the growing child.

The Aden 4-in-1 is JPMA certified exceeding all safety standards set by ASTM and CPSC. Third-party laboratories test their products for toxic elements, like lead, ensuring the baby cribs meet or exceed the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.


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