The Best Doll Stroller For You Baby or Toddler

best doll strollers

Little girls of all ages enjoy playing with dolls. Even adult women may collect dolls. Pushing your doll in a stroller may be one of the best and fun ways to play with your dolls. Little girls love to mimic their mommy. When mommy is pushing the baby in a stroller, your child wants to do the same with her dolls.

Playing with a baby doll stroller strengthens and improves a child’s gross motor skills. It introduces your child to life skills and the responsibility of taking care of someone. Both girls and boys may benefit from playing with dolls and pushing a doll stroller around. Siblings who play together learn the interaction and communication skills essential for relationship building.

We have created a list of the best doll stroller for your child. A doll stroller is an excellent birthday gift a parent can give their child; it is a fun toy and helps her develop skills relevant to her age.  

The Best Baby Doll Strollers

Badger Basket 3-in-1 Doll Pram

Best Overall Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The 3-in-1 doll pram is more than a stroller; it converts into a doll pram, bassinet, and doll stroller.
  • The colorful polka dot design may delight any child. The polka dots are available in grey or pink.
  • The pram holds larger dolls up to 22 inches as well as Madame Alexander and American Girl dolls.

Changes I’d make:

  • The handle protection may slip when a child pushes the stroller.

Available in grey or pink polka dots, pink gingham, or navy colors, the Badger Basket 3-in1 baby pram is the best baby doll stroller for toddlers and young children. The baby doll stroller has everything a baby doll mommy would need for pushing, strolling, or carrying her baby dolls.

Most baby doll strollers only have the stroller, but the Badger Basket 3-in-1 converts into a stroller, a pram, and a doll carrier. With the all-in-one pram, your child’s imagination won’t be hampered. It complements her play if she wants to carry her sleeping baby doll, change to stroller mode with the doll sitting upright, or simply push the pram.

The Badger Basket 3-in-1 can hold dolls up to 22 inches, which means Madame Alexander, My Life As, Our Generation, and American Girl dolls fit in the baby doll stroller. The baby doll stroller is designed so that smaller 15-inch dolls like American Girl Wellie Wisher and American Girl Bitty Baby dolls may also fit in the doll stroller.

Transforming the polka dots of 3-in-1 doll stroller into the various pieces is effortlessly accomplished by seven-year-old kids during playtime. Once your three-year-old daughter grasps the concept, they may easily convert the doll carrier to a portable bassinet and the bassinet into a stroller. The bassinet cover keeps the toy snugly tugged in for a nap; it is removable when changing into a pushchair.  

The four large wheels, a sturdy frame, and wide wheelbase ensure stability and safe passage of the dolls, and the child.

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller

Best Doll Stroller for Toddlers

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The cute white hearts on a pink background may inspire your toddler to take loving care of her dolls.
  • The doll stroller has all the basic features a real stroller has a canopy, basket, seat belt.
  • The four double wheels help steer the stroller while providing more stability to the stroller when pushed by enthusiastic toddlers.  
  • It complements the rest of the New York Doll Collection toys, furniture, and doll accessories.

Changes I’d make:

  • The height of the stroller handle may be too short for taller toddlers.

Cute white hearts cover the New York Doll Collection doll stroller, which is one of the best baby doll strollers for toddlers. Covered in hearts, the doll stroller oozes with love, an essential ingredient for nurturing and may inspire your toddler to take care of her baby dolls.

The New York Doll Collection baby doll stroller has all the features you would expect a grownup baby stroller would have. It has a foldable covering to protect the doll against the sun and rain. It also has a basket at the back for all the baby essentials and a seat belt to keep the doll safe. With four double wheels, the New York Doll Collection baby doll stroller is sturdy to handle the rough pushing and maneuvering of small kids.  

The doll stroller is entirely foldable, which makes it easy to store in the child’s bedroom, and it takes up less space in the car trunk. It is also easier to carry when folded. The New York Doll Collection baby doll stroller is designed to accommodate the height of your toddler for comfortable pushing of the stroller and loading the baby doll. It fits up to an 18-inch sized doll.

Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller

Best Umbrella Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The white polka dot umbrella stroller is one of the cutest first doll strollers for toddlers.
  • The doll stroller comes fully assembled and folds to store.
  • The swivel wheels move the doll stroller in the direction your toddler pushes it.

Changes I’d make:

  • The fabric may tear and isn’t as durable as more expensive doll strollers.

The pink with white polka dots of the Precious Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller may be irresistible for any little girl from one year old to eight years old. As her first umbrella doll stroller, your baby girl may love the bright pink polka dot design.

The sturdy umbrella doll stroller has two umbrella handles for your toddler to grasp and steer the doll stroller. With four double wheels, the stroller is easy to push and provides extra stability even when your toddler pushes the baby doll stroller too hard. A colorful polka-dot material seat belt also keeps the baby doll in her seat.  The swivel wheels follow the direction your toddler pushes the umbrella stroller, creating an effortless and joyful experience.

With dimensions of 22.5 x 11 x 14 inches, the baby doll stroller fits an 18 inches sized doll. The metal frame and materials the baby doll stroller is made of has undergone the safety tests and passed the USA safety standard regulations. The materials are lead-free and designed to endure a toddler’s rough play.

The Precious Toys doll stroller comes fully assembled and folds for easy storage. 

Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller

Best Twin Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The Deluxe doll stroller seats two baby dolls up to 18 inches in size. Your toddler can load their twin dolls or a doll and a toy in the stroller.
  • Swivel wheels ensure smooth steering of the doll pram.
  • Reclining seat lets the doll lie or sits upright and the adjustable handle turns the seat so that the dolls face the toddler or the street.  

Changes I’d make:

  • The basket may drag on the floor if loaded too heavy with toys and doll accessories.

One of the best baby doll strollers to fit two baby dolls is the Babyboo Deluxe Twin Doll Stroller. The Deluxe doll stroller is designed to seat two 18-inches baby dolls comfortably. The realistically designed pink and black color pram with its sturdy aluminum frame is an excellent choice for your older toddler aged three years and up.

With a 19-inch wide free carriage space, the stroller is one of the largest toy baby doll strollers. Despite its size, the rubber wheels ensure steady, smooth steering when pushing the doll stroller around the house or on the sidewalk. The baby doll stroller secures a doll in its seat with a safety belt. The undercarriage basket may hold all the essential items, a baby doll mommy needs for herself and her dolls. The twin doll pram stroller also comes with a free carriage bag that can be used as a pretend diaper bag.

Designed to look like a real baby doll stroller, the Babyboo Deluxe doll pram is the best baby doll stroller for your child. The stroller comes with a retractable hood that folds into three segments protecting the twin dolls against the sun. Details like the adjustable handle allow the dolls to face in two directions, swiveling wheels for smooth steering, and retractable seats make the Babyboo Deluxe doll stroller one the best-rated doll strollers. The reclining seats provide a means for the baby dolls to lie flat in a sleeping position or to sit up straight.  

Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger Stroller

Best Jogging Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The jogging doll stroller looks like an authentic jogger stroller with its three wheels.
  • The bright pink and black colors may attract toddlers from one-years old and up.
  • The doll stroller features all the necessities for a stroller, a storage basket, safety belt, and canopy.

Changes I’d make:

  • The front wheel is fixed. The stroller is, however, so lightweight that it should be easy to steer.

Your one-year-old toddler may not be steady enough to start jogging, but the Mommy & Me Frist Doll Jogger Stroller is the best baby doll stroller that looks like a jogging stroller. If you like to jog while pushing a baby stroller, then your toddler probably wants one just like mommy has. The baby doll stroller has three wheels like most jogging strollers; the front wheel is fixed, which means it stays on course. Some may prefer a swiveling wheel to the fixed wheel.  

The bright pink and black colored baby doll stroller design is made that one-year-olds may effortlessly push it. The height of the handle is the perfect height for small kids. Toddlers can safely tuck in and secure their dolls with the seatbelt buckle. Below the stroller seat is the storage basket for precious toys and other items your toddler wants to take along.  Assembly requires attaching the wheels to the body of the baby dolls stroller. 

What makes it good:

  • The doll stroller is designed as a first doll stroller for toddlers from two-years-old.
  • The denim fabric is durable and may last for years. It is designed to avoid tearing at the edges.
  • A cute heart decorates the denim backrest of the doll stroller.
  • The denim doll stroller folds for convenient storage and transport.

Changes I’d make:

  • Toddlers may need assistance to release the buckle that secures the baby doll in the seat.

My First Doll Stroller Denim for Doll is designed as a first baby doll stroller for a child two years old and older. The durable denim fabric makes it one of the best baby doll strollers for a child; the denim material may last for years. The loving touch of the pink heart on the denim material may entice a child wanting it as her first doll stroller.  

The doll stroller comes fully assembled, ready for your child to push her favorite doll around in her first doll stroller. Dolls up to 18 inches tall, fit comfortably in the doll stroller. The basket below the seat provides a storage area for toys, snacks, and doll accessories your child wants to take with her during her walk around the house, pushing her denim stroller.  

The play stroller is one of the best doll strollers constructed from safe and durable denim fabric. A double folded quilted material prevents tearing at the edges. The 20.5 inches is the perfect height to the top of the handle for your little one, who is two to four years old. The doll stroller, like most of the toy doll strollers, has a seat belt safely keeping the doll in the seat. 

Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller

Best Luxury, Adjustable Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The Pro Deluxe doll stroller gives an impression of luxury. The quilted fabric and materials are high quality and fabric parts remove to wash in your washing machine.  
  • The large mesh basket and the carry bag provide ample storage for toys and things your toddler deem important to go along for the ride.
  •  The front wheels swivel in the direction your toddler pushes the dolls stroller.

Changes I’d make:

  • The doll stroller may be too big for toddlers younger than three-years-old.

The bright pink with quilt fabric Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller resembles closely a real stroller that mommy would push.  It is one of the best baby doll strollers for a child three years and older. The baby doll stroller comes assembled; it takes a few seconds to attach the wheels.

An adjustable handlebar transforms the baby doll stroller into an infant doll pram by merely moving the handle forward. The handle is covered in lush materials that protect your child’s hands when pushing the baby doll stroller. A carry bag, the seat, and the folding canopy are made from the same quilt fabrics in a cheerful color scheme that gives the baby doll stroller a luxurious look. The sling bag attaches to the handle keeping the child’s hands free for pushing the baby doll stroller.

The mesh basket at the bottom has enough storage space for all the play accessories your child wants to take along. The front wheels’ swivel mechanism steers the baby doll stroller in the direction your child pushes it. Seatbelts teach children safety standards. When your child uses a seat belt to secure her baby doll safely, it becomes a natural action when she rides in a car.

The high-quality materials of the baby buggy clean effortlessly. The fabric parts are removable and can be washed in the washing machine. The plastic material is wiped with a cloth when cleaned. The doll stroller is one of the best toys a parent can buy for their child who likes to play with dolls. It is an excellent addition to her doll furniture.

Fash n Kolor 4 Piece Doll Play Set

Best 4-in-1 Doll Stroller Playset

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The doll playset includes a doll stroller, a baby doll playpen, an infant doll car seat, and a doll highchair.
  • The polka dot design doll set is an excellent birthday gift for toddlers from 18 months and up.
  • The doll stroller has a canopy, basket, and safety harness to secure the doll.

Changes I’d make:

  • The doll playset may be too small for older toddlers.

If you are looking for a doll playset that includes a doll stroller, then Fash n Kolor 4 Piece Doll Play Set is an excellent gift for your child. The doll set consists of four pieces that may spark your daughter’s imagination and play opportunities with her dolls. The set features a baby doll stroller, a baby doll playpen, an infant car seat, and a doll highchair.

In stroller mode, your child can push her dolls around in the stroller. The cushioned playpen can function as a baby doll crib too. The playpen unfolds quickly when removed from the carry bag that closes with a drawstring for safe storage. The stroller and playpen are large enough for 18-inches sized dolls.

It is the best baby doll set, ideal for your toddler’s doll nursery. Your child can carry her baby doll in the infant seat or pretend play riding in the back seat of the car. The highchair places the doll at a comfortable height for your child to feed her doll.

The stroller comes with a container basket to store all baby dolls accessories, toys, and other vital items pretend-play moms may need. Each one of the four wheels is fixed. The stroller is so light in weight that your child won’t struggle to steer the stroller. A young child generally pushes her toys in the stroller indoors and not outside on rough terrain.

The baby doll set is an excellent gift for toddlers aged 18 months and older.

Exquisite Buggy Twin Doll Stroller

Best Tandem Doll Stroller

best doll strollers

What makes it good:

  • The doll stroller is designed to push two dolls for toddlers who have twin dolls or two favorite toys they want to push in the stroller.
  • The handle has a foam grip for comfortable steering without chaffing sensitive toddler skins.
  • Two free bonus bottles are included in the package.
  • It takes less than a minute to attach the wheels to the fully assembled doll stroller.

What would I change:

  • Some reviewers mentioned that the seat could be sturdier.

The Exquisite Buggy Twin Doll Stroller is designed to push two dolls or a doll and a teddy in the baby doll stroller. The doll buggy stroller has an elevated rear seat so that both baby dolls have a view of their surroundings.

Each seat has a seat belt to secure dolls up to 18 inches in size safely. A sizeable folding hood protects the two dolls against the hot sun on a warm sunny day. A foam grip on the handle prevents calluses from forming on a toddler’s hands while pushing the stroller.  

A large basket below the seats has enough space for the two free bonus bottles (included in the package) and other toys, items, and things necessary for a ride. 

The stroller comes fully assembled; it takes less than a minute to attach the wheels. The baby doll stroller folds flat like a real stroller for ease of transport and storage options in small bedrooms. The folding double doll stroller is one of the best baby doll strollers for children from one year old and up.

Buying Guide for Dolls Strollers

Doll Stroller Features to Consider


Most doll strollers come fully assembled. Parents may need to attach wheels, but that generally takes a minute or two.

A doll stroller that requires assembly is normally not too challenging, and the manufacturer will include assembly instructions. 


  • A doll stroller with double wheels is designed for additional stability. The double wheels are especially beneficial when a young child uses the doll stroller as a toy and walker to help them balance.
  • Doll stroller toys generally have four wheels, like the real stroller. A jogging doll stroller, however, has three wheels, and the front wheel is fixed to stay on the trail when jogging in the park.
  • Wheels are fixed or can swivel. The stroller toys are so lightweight that it doesn’t matter if the wheels are fixed. A young kid generally plays indoors or on smooth surfaces with a stroller. A stroller with a swivel wheel feature steers easier because it has better maneuverability and naturally follows the direction of the child pushing the stroller.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are a safety feature an adult stroller has and is a useful learning feature on doll strollers. Using a seat belt on her doll teaches a child from a young age, the importance of safety precautions. It also secures the doll in the stroller seat when a toddler pushes to eagerly and too hard.

Foldable Stroller

A doll stroller folds flat like the real deal. A foldable stroller takes up less storage space and fits comfortably in the back of a car trunk. It is also easier to carry a folded stroller up a flight of stairs or to the next room.


The handle is fixed at a specific height. The height from the floor to the handle usually is the right length for that particular age group the pram was designed for.

A child’s skin is tender, and consistent pushing may form calluses on their hands.  Some strollers have a rubber grip handlebar, or it is covered with material for a softer experience.

Quality and Durability

Prams that are made of high-quality materials are generally more durable. The design of the product also affects the quality and durability. If poorly designed, the toys may tear loose at the seams despite using high-quality material.

The fabric and material used should comply with safety standards. Most of the prams are also easy to clean.

More Features

  • A toy pushchair with a canopy, seat belt, and basket realistic resembles strollers for babies.
  • The canopy or hood of the chair generally folds or is removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Some strollers are mini replicas of specific brands.
  • Doll strollers come in pink and other bright and fun colors toddlers may like.
  • Bonus bottles, blankets, or carry bags are some extras that may be included in the purchase.

Types of Doll Strollers for Toddlers

  • A pushchair is the classic doll stroller style. The child pushes the stroller by holding onto the handlebar, and the doll faces forward. It usually has a canopy, basket, footrest, and seatbelt.
  • Most pushchairs handles are set at a specific height. Strollers with adjustable handles aren’t for height adjustment but change the direction the doll faces. It gives the child the option to push the stroller with their doll facing the street or facing them.
  • Twin doll strollers hold two baby dolls simultaneously. The dual stroller seats the dolls next to each other. With the tandem fashion style stroller, the dolls are seated one behind the other. Some strollers may even have a platform for the doll to stand on.

Best Baby Doll Strollers for Toddlers

The best doll stroller for a toddler is the stroller the toddler likes and is age-appropriate for your child and their development stages.

Two critical factors to consider when purchasing a stroller for your kid is the doll’s size and your toddler’s age and height.

  • Some toddlers may be small or tall for their age group. The handles of strollers are typically fixed at a height that fits most kids that age. Make sure it is the right height for your boy or girl.
  • Dolls vary in height and size. Most strollers fit most dolls up to 18 inches. Some strollers may be designed for specific dolls. Others are not brand specific but make sure that the doll size and height fit in the doll carriage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toddler Doll Strollers

Can boys play with doll strollers too?

Although girls generally play with dolls, doll strollers, and other doll-related toys, boys may have as much fun pushing a stroller. It is common knowledge that playing with a doll helps a toddler develop nurturing, relationship building, and life skills. Therefore, all children may benefit from playing with dolls and doll accessories.

One of the most significant benefits of siblings playing together is developing skills that build relationships. Brothers and sisters also learn the positive benefits of having a big brother or sister. Playing house together may help them strengthen these traits. Playing together also teaches children how to communicate by listening, observing facial expressions and watching their sibling’s body language.

Children at a young age don’t have the necessary social skills society requires. One of developing these skills is by playing together and learning to take turns and share their toys.

How old can a child play with a pushchair?

Although many pushchairs are designed for toddlers and older, some manufacturers designed pushchairs for younger kids. These strollers generally fulfill a walker function too.  If your child can walk or balance themselves, they should be able to push a doll stroller. Make sure you purchase the age-appropriate stroller; strollers designed for three-year-olds may be too big for a one-year-old. Strollers with double wheels generally provide additional stability that may assist a toddler


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