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How to Potty Train a Boy

There are many articles available on the internet that deal with potty training your toddler and all of them have a common point: the gender of the child plays a major role in the start of this exercise as boys tend to start later and require a longer period of time as compared to girls. Of course there are always exceptions. There is no doubt that girls tend to learn the intricacies related to potty training in a faster manner. In the end, keep in mind that every child is unique in his or her way.

You cannot stereotype them based on these social myths. Most kids the ages of 18 to 24 months are quite ready to be initiated, but it also depends upon the individual child. You're the parent so you'll have a good idea if it is time or not.

So how do you potty train a boy and what are the indications which can give you a heads up that your loved one is ready to use a potty trainer?

Age's Effect on Potty Training

A majority of parents wait until their toddler reaches the age of two and half or three years. This is generally practiced due to the fact that when a kid reaches this age, he starts to show control of his bladder and bowel movements. There is no sure fire guarantee that your child will be ready to start using the potty at this age. There are some exceptional cases where a child doesn’t becomes interested in toilet training until he reaches three to four years old.

The key is starting when your son is ready. Research shows that starting potty training in earlier years does not mean that you will get the results much earlier than expected. A head start does not necessarily provide the expected results.

If you start potty training at an earlier time than is right for your son, it make take longer than if you had waited. If you are really unsure, wait. Doctors say most issues come from starting too soon. ​

I admit, it's not always easy to tell.  I also don't want you to be afraid that by starting him a month early, your child is doomed to be in diapers until he's 6.  That's not what I (or science) is saying.  It just means it might take a few weeks or months more (on average) if you start a child too early.  ​

Remember: You know your child best.  If you are a  normal, loving parent, you aren't going to permanently damage your son if you start a little early or late.  Just trust your gut, and act with love.

 So it is always better to learn the signs related with the right time to initiate potty training rather than following a predetermined age chart.

Signs That Your Child Is Ready

Potty training should start when your toddler starts showing signs of readiness. These signs may include:

  • Showing coordination of movement
  • Change in frequency of urination and starts urinating large amount at one go
  • Shows well formed bowel movements and urgency at predictable time periods
  • Interest in using toilet seat to copy other members of the family
  • Stopping all activities for a period of time when urge arises
  • Clutching diaper or showing signs of distress due to soiled or wet diaper
  • Attains the ability to pull his diaper on and off
  • Starts using verbal or physical signs related with bowel movements which may include specific words, grunting or squatting on the ground
  • Starts feeling physical urges to potty and has the ability to convey it to you

Right Equipment for Potty Training

While opting for potty training, one of the most important things that should be taken care of is selecting the best potty training seat for your child. There are two types of potty training seats: standalone potty seats with removable bowl or small-sized seats which can be fixed on the existing toilet seat. It is of high importance that you opt for the right equipment. When choosing any of the potty trainers on the market, you should make sure that the size and design of such training seat provides stability and comfort and promotes good posture. While opting for such equipment, you should make sure that:

  • The size and design of the training seat allows your son to lean forward without losing his balance.
  • If you choose a standalone potty seats, the height of the seat allows your child to firmly place his feet on the floor.  It's really a good idea for adults as well, but there are more options with children.
  • If you are using an adapter seat (one that goes over the toilet seat), it should fix securely to your toilet seat and provide the required comfort and security for your toddler.  It can be scary for a child to be sitting up that high the first few times.
  • Has a stool or one step ladder while using adapter seats so that your son is able to maneuver on and off from the seat.
  • Quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the product.
  • You have the option of a removable pee-guard so that you can remove it if the child feels uncomfortable.

Starting the Potty Training

While introducing your toddler to potty training, the one option is to allow him to watch and learn. When a toddler sees his parents using the bathroom, he may want to imitate them. This is the right moment to introduce him how both parents use the toilet seat in different ways. This will also allow you to introduce your little one to basic mechanics used by boys for using the toilet. If the mother is dealing with the potty training, then she can avail the services of the father or an older brother to teach the art of piddling right into the bowl or how to aim the stream of urine directly into the bowl without any accidental spray.

Obviously, this might be uncomfortable for you but it'll help your child in the long run.

Even before starting the potty training regimen, you can also opt for picture books or videos dedicated to this subject, which are readily available on the internet, so that your child can easily grasp the idea behind the whole exercise. In order to make him comfortable with the use of a standalone potty trainer, you can encourage him to start sitting on it even when there is no urge and once he is comfortable sitting on it, then you can suggest that he try sitting on it without his pants or diaper. If by chance he resists this idea, do not insist too much as it will make him more resistant to the idea. Patience and time are the most important things required for potty training your kid. Once your child gets the idea of using his potty, then you can set up a training schedule.


Potty training your son can be a frustrating experience but make sure that you do not lose your cool while he makes mistakes. Chances are that even after learning how to use the potty seat, your kid may have an accident or two; that does not mean that you should scold your child or overreact. Doing so can scar him and it can even disrupt the potty training regimen. Potty training is just like learning a new art for a kid and accidents can happen while doing so. Instead of being punitive, make it by using certain activities which can motivate him to indulge in this exercise.

Average Age For Potty Training

age for toilet trainingWhile parents differ on the ways to toilet train a child, there is one question universal to all moms and dads: How early can I start potty training without permanently scaring my toddler? I mean, after the scoreboard changes into the hundreds on the diaper-changing meter we have all had out fill of full diapers (see what I did there?) Why is there so little information available on when we should get our little boy or girl out of diapers and on the toilet?
Strap in, mom and dad, because I am going to give you your fill on what age is the “right” age to begin potty training. Continue reading

Best Potty Training Underwear

Potty Training pants play a very important role when your toddler is ready to transition from diapers to underpants. These pants are designed to absorb accidents as your little one takes time to learn the intricacies of using a toilet seat or standalone potty. Even with their ability to absorb a maximum amount of moisture, these pants still provide some amount of wetness, which is an essential part of the potty training regimen.

While opting for potty training underwear, it is always better to choose ones made of cotton or blended cotton. A terrycloth material is a nice choice for comfort.   This is due to the fact that these pants are much more comfortable and gentler on the skin as compared to paper diapers and plastic training pants. By opting for potty training underwear made up of cloth, you can easily save a substantial amount of money as these pants can be reused after a simple machine wash.

In this article we will go through some of the best potty training underwear available on the market for both boys and girls, so that you can opt for the right one for your child.

Jockey Little Girls' Girls Toddler Training Pants with Waterproof Liner

Jockey Little Girls Girls Toddler 2 Pack Training Pants with Waterproof Liner

These training pants are manufactured using high quality cotton with a protective waterproof layering for accidents. The three-ply design of these pants includes a waterproof layer between two layers of cotton fabric to provide smooth and comfortable experience. The easy up and down elastic waistband allows your child to easily pull the pants on and off for her frequent trips to the toilet.

Even though these pants are designed to provide added protection against wetness, they allow your daughter to feel the wetness, which is an essential part of potty training. Jockey Little Girls' Girls Toddler 2 Pack Training Pants with Waterproof Liner are available in two sizes.


  • Manufactured using 100 percent cotton
  • Reusable; only requires machine wash
  • Outer lining made up of breathable cotton while the inner lining uses 20 percent poly terry
  • Soft elastic waist band and leg openings
  • Full rise design


  • Size tends to run large

These three-ply training pants with an extra waterproof layer provide required protection against accidents. Easy up and down dressing provides convenience for the toddler when frequently visiting the bathroom.

Gerber 2pk Boys Training Pants with Waterproof Liner

Gerber 2pk Boys Training Pants with Waterproof Liner

These pants are the perfect choice for potty training your boy and should be used when he starts showing control of his bladder and bowel movements. These training pants are made of 100 percent cotton and come fitted with an absorbent interlining made up of 80/20 cotton and poly terry blend. The soft elastic waistband allows easy removal and provides increased comfort to the waist.

These pants are quite durable and you can use them multiple times as they are washable and just require machine wash and tumble dry to make them ready for reuse.


  • Comfortable and non-itching cotton fabric
  • Reusable—machine wash and tumble dry
  • Outer lining made of 100 % cotton, fitted with absorbent blended lining
  • Covered elastic waistband does not pinch skin
  • Easy to pull up and down
  • Full rise design.


  • May leak

Gerber 2pk Boys Training Pants with Waterproof Liner - 2t/3t are designed for boys who are ready to transition from disposable diapers to cloth training pants. Gerber is a recognized brand for the potty training of toddlers.

Burts Bees Toddler Organic Knit

Burts Bees are a great brand.

These training underwear comes with a unique design which incorporates a trademark bee patch on the back. The elastic waistband is thick, which makes it easy to pull up and down.

These high quality training pants are manufactured using certified organic cotton. Instead of creating a double lining in the wetting prone zone of the training underwear, these pants have a thick baby terry lining layering which not only makes it super absorbent but also provides durability and comfort. 


  • Manufactured using only organic materials.
  • Terrycloth inner material gives good feedback when a child has an accident.
  • Thick cotton fabric throughout


  • Organic material means they are a little more expensive than normal cotton training pants.

The unique oval handles provided in these panties make them perfect for your daughter get on and off quite easily and in a straight motion without any fear of bunching.

Fruit of the Loom Days of the Week 7 Pack Brief

Fruit of the Loom Days of the Week 7 Pack Brief

The potty training of kids involves a psychological part where they love to imitate their older siblings. These potty training pants from Fruit of the Loom are designed like big boy pants, making them ideal for your son. The assorted designs provided in this pack keep your kid excited about what he is going to wear.

The soft plush-backed waistband allows easy use while being comfortable on the skin. While opting for this pack, you must keep in mind that colors and print of the underwear may vary.


  • Manufactured using 100 percent cotton
  • Reusable; machine wash only
  • Full coverage design
  • Plush-backed waistband for comfortable fit
  • Available in variety of colors and prints


  • Fabric feels a bit rough

Fruit of the Loom Days of the Week 7 Pack Brief is one of the cheapest options for a pack of potty training pants by a well known and popular brand. The real brief like design along with assorted cartoon character prints makes it quite attractive for your little one.


All of the potty training underwear discussed above have their own unique features and all of them are highly recommended products in their category. If you are looking for underpants for your son that is affordable, the Gerber 2pk Boys Training Pants with Waterproof Liner - 2t/3t is a good option.

The best option for your daughter is Jockey Little Girls' Girls Toddler 2 Pack Training Pants with Waterproof Liner as its three ply design includes an extra waterproof layer between two layers of cotton fabric to a provide smooth and comfortable experience for your little one.

Best Toddler Step Stool

Apart from being used in potty training, step stools for a toddler can also be used for variety of other functions such as reaching high shelves, tables, beds; using adult-height sinks; for help in the kitchen and wherever a child needs a few extra inches.  If you are opting for a small seat, which can be fixed upon your existing toilet seat for your kid’s potty training, then buying a good quality step stool is a must.

By opting for a toddler step stool, you will be able to instill confidence in your child to use the toilet independently and he or she can gradually move on to an adult toilet seat without any hesitation.  While searching for the best toddler stool for your little one, you must make sure that the model you opt for is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your kid and comes fitted with a skid proof bottom to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In this article, we will go through some of the highly reviewed toddler step stools to help you find the best one for your kid.

Graco Transitions Step Stool

Graco Transitions Step Stool

This double step stool is quite sturdy for kids and comes with a maximum load bearing capacity of 200 lbs.  The wide base with approximate dimensions of 12 x 13 inches provides stability even while using the last step of this stool.

The first step is three inches off the ground and the second step provides a height of 8” above ground level.  The dual step design makes this stool quite versatile as it can be even used as the child grows.  This stool is manufactured using light weight, high quality polypropylene. The steps of this stool have grips to avoid slipping.


  • Appropriate for providing additional height for reaching higher levels
  • Manufactured using high grade polypropylene plastic
  • Light weight and durable
  • Easy to clean, just wash with mild detergent
  • Height accommodates toddlers even as they grow


  • May not be tall enough for young children to reach sinks

The Graco Transitions Step Stool instills confidence in the child as he or she is able to perform the daily routine without Help. The two-step design of this stool accommodates the growing child, making it useful for a long period of time.

Bumbo Step Stool

Bumbo Step Stool, Black White

This single step toddler stool provides about seven inches of height, making it convenient  for routine use.  As this stool is manufactured using high quality polypropylene plastic, it is quite sturdy but still very light weight.  The holes provided on both sides of this stool act as handles for carrying.  It comes with a wide base with dimensions of about 14 x 9 inches with top level dimensions of 12 x 7 inches.  The rubber grip provided on the base and the top of the stool helps in avoiding accidental slippage.  The Bumbo Step Stool, Black/White comes with a maximum weight bearing capacity of 40 lbs which is plenty for the average toddler.


  • Manufactured using high grade plastic
  • Light weight and portable
  • Rubber grip on base and step to avoid slipping.


  • Rubber grip tends to lose traction with frequent use

The Bumbo Step Stool, Black/White is quite sturdy and light weight.  This stool is designed to give toddlers a sense of independence.  The slip resistant base and step make it safe for potty training.

KidKraft Two Step Stool – White

KidKraft Two Step Stool – White

This two-step sturdy stool is manufactured using high quality medium density fiberboard.  The design of this stool accommodates a wide base with a low center of gravity to provide maximum stability.  This stool is perfect for children to reach different levels of height;  the lowest step sits 6 inches above ground level and a maximum height of 14.13 inch at the top level.  The lacquer finish of this stool makes it quite easy to clean.

The built in handles on the side of step stool makes it portable. This stool measures 15.38″L x 13″W x 14.13″H” and weighs about 10 lbs., with a maximum weight bearing capacity of 10.2 lbs.


  • Low center of gravity design prevents tripping
  • Built in handles for ease of carrying
  • Easy to clean finish
  • Can accommodate growing height of a kid


  • Chemical smell from the material used for manufacturing stool

The KidKraft Two Step Stool – White is perfect for toddlers to reach counter height or wherever they need some extra few inches of height.  Being a two-step stool, this product accommodates a growing toddler for a long period of time.  This stool is perfect for children ages  3 to 8 years.

BabyBjörn Safe Step, White

BabyBjörn Safe Step White

This single step stool is designed to provide comfort and security..  The two nonslip surfaces present at the bottom and surface of the stool provide the required traction, thus securing against accidental slipping of the child or the stool.  This stool is manufactured using high grade recyclable plastic, making it sturdy without being too heavy.  BabyBjörn Safe Step, White measures 13.5 L x 9.25 W x 6 H inches and weighs about one and half pounds.

It is quite light even for a toddler to move from one place to another.  Due to its smooth rounded features and color, it is compatible with the décor of your bathroom.


  • Rubber non-slip mats on the base and top level for added security against slippage
  • Easy to move
  • Very easy to clean—just requires rinsing under running water
  • Free from Bisphenol A, lead, chromium and polyvinyl chloride
  • Manufactured using recyclable high grade plastic


  • Narrow base makes it prone to tilting

The BabyBjörn Safe Step, White is manufactured using durable PVC and BPA free high grade plastic, making it durable for a long period of time without being a health hazard for your family.


If you are looking for a solid piece of step stool for your child, then the KidKraft Two Step Stool – White is the best choice out of all the toddler stools discussed above.  As it is manufactured using high quality medium density fiberboard and has a lacquer finish, it is very durable and easy to clean.  The design of this stool accommodates a wide base with a low center of gravity to provide maximum stability for your child.

If your budget is under $25, then opt for BabyBjörn Safe Step, White as it is manufactured using high quality recyclable plastic, free from Bisphenol A, lead, chromium and polyvinyl chloride.

The second option in the same price range is the Graco Transitions Step Stool as it is quite sturdy for kids and comes with a maximum load bearing capacity of 200 lbs., which is good enough to bear the weight of most adults..