Best Potty Training Underwear

Fruit of the Loom 7 Pack Training Brief

Potty Training pants play a very important role when your toddler is ready to transition from diapers to underpants. These pants are designed to absorb accidents as your little one takes time to learn the intricacies of using a toilet seat or standalone potty. Even with their ability to absorb a maximum amount of moisture, these pants still provide some amount of wetness, which is an essential part of the potty training regimen.

While opting for potty training underwear, it is always better to choose ones made of cotton or blended cotton. A terrycloth material is a nice choice for comfort.   This is due to the fact that these pants are much more comfortable and gentler on the skin as compared to paper diapers and plastic training pants. By opting for potty training underwear made up of cloth, you can easily save a substantial amount of money as these pants can be reused after a simple machine wash.

In this article we will go through some of the best potty training underwear available on the market for both boys and girls, so that you can opt for the right one for your child.

Best Overall Cloth Trainers: Big Elephant Unisex Toddler Potty Training Pants

best potty training underwear

If you’re like most parents, you want to keep things as simple as possible. These cotton training pants do just that.

First, they are made of 100% cotton which means they are both soft and easy to keep clean. When you are potty training, you’re going to have accidents. These briefs make accidents easy to deal with.

Second, they are 6 absorbent layers built in along with a covered elastic waistband. This is great to give your toddler feedback on exactly when the peeing takes place, and makes it easy for them to pull up and down the underwear in the bathroom. Once again, it’s keeping things simple.

Third, the patterns are gender neutral. There are six different styles to choose from, but you should find one that your child will love. In my opinion, potty training time isn’t really about expressing your kid’s individuality. There’s enough going on already to not add self-expression to the plate.


  • Six briefs means you aren’t washing every day
  • Reusable; only requires machine wash
  • Soft elastic waist band and leg openings
  • Plenty of patterns to choose from


  • You will need to wash these unlike plastic disposables

Best Plastic Training Pants: Gerber Waterproof

best potty training underwear

There are times when potty training that you’ll need to leave the comfy confines of your house and head out for more than a few hours. You’ll have a choice – do I throw a diaper back on my kid, or keep with the cloth underwear program and risk an urine blowout?

There is a third way – throw on these plastic underwear liners over the cloth underwear.

You’ll get the best of both worlds: your toddler will continue to get the fast-feedback of wetness they need to help with potty training. You’ll also avoid a ‘pee-tastrophe’ if you aren’t near a bathroom.

They are machine-washable so you can use them multiple times. The elastic at the legs and waist helps keep urine on the inside. It’s not foolproof though – so do try to find a restroom as soon as possible if your toddler has an accident in them.

Great For Girls: Joyo Roy Little Girls’ Girls Toddler Training Pants with Waterproof Liner

best potty training underwear

These training pants are manufactured using high quality cotton with a protective waterproof layering for accidents. The three-ply design of these pants includes a waterproof layer between two layers of cotton fabric to provide smooth and comfortable experience. The easy up and down elastic waistband allows your child to easily pull the pants on and off for her frequent trips to the toilet.

Even though these pants are designed to provide added protection against wetness, they allow your daughter to feel the wetness, which is an essential part of potty training. Joyo Ro Little Girls’ Girls Toddler Training Pants with Waterproof Liner are available in four different sizes to meet all needs.


  • Manufactured using 100 percent cotton
  • Reusable; only requires machine wash
  • Outer lining made up of breathable cotton while the inner lining uses poly terry to help your child feel the wetness
  • Soft elastic waist band and leg openings
  • Full rise design


  • Size tends to run large

These toddler training pants with an extra waterproof layer provide required protection against accidents. Easy up and down dressing provides convenience for the toddler when frequently visiting the bathroom.

Perfect For Boys: Gerber 4pk Baby Boys and Toddler Training Pants

best potty training underwear

These pants are the perfect choice for potty training your boy and should be used when he starts showing control of his bladder and bowel movements. These training pants are made of 100 percent cotton. They aren’t waterproof by any means, but they will absorb small accidents to give your boy enough time to run to the potty. The soft elastic waistband allows for simple and easy removal and provides increased comfort to the waist.

These pants are quite durable and you can use them multiple times as they are washable – just throw them in a wash load and then tumble dry to get them ready for reuse.


  • Comfortable and non-itching cotton fabric
  • Reusable—machine wash and tumble dry
  • Outer lining made of 100 % cotton, fitted with absorbent blended lining
  • Covered elastic waistband does not pinch skin
  • Easy to pull up and down
  • Full rise design.


  • Will leak if your son lets his bladder go

These training pants provide some protection against accidents. Easy up and down dressing provides convenience for the toddler when frequently visiting the bathroom.

If Organic Is Essential: Lamaze Organic Toddler Training Pants

best potty training underwear

These training underwear come in a variety of cute pick patterns and colors – which should make it easier to get your daughter to wear them! The elastic waistband is thick, which makes it easy to pull up and down.

These high quality training pants are manufactured using certified organic cotton. There are no harsh chemicals or dyes used in the production of these underwear.

Instead of creating a double lining in the wetting prone zone of the training underwear, these pants have a thick absorbent poly-fill lining which not only makes it super absorbent but also provides durability and comfort. 


  • Manufactured using only organic materials.
  • Absorbent inner material gives good feedback when a child has an accident.
  • Thick cotton fabric throughout


  • Organic material means they are slightly more expensive than normal cotton training pants.

The unique oval handles provided in these panties make them perfect for your daughter get on and off quite easily and in a straight motion without any fear of bunching.

Best For Colorful Fun: Fruit of the Loom Days of the Week 7 Pack Brief

Fruit of the Loom  7 Pack Training Brief

The potty training of kids involves a psychological part where they love to imitate their older siblings. These potty training pants from Fruit of the Loom are designed like big boy pants, making them ideal for your son. The assorted designs provided in this pack keep your kid excited about what he is going to wear.

The soft plush-backed waistband allows easy use while being comfortable on the skin. While opting for this pack, you must keep in mind that colors and print of the underwear may vary.


  • Manufactured using 100 percent cotton
  • Reusable; machine wash only
  • Full coverage design
  • Plush-backed waistband for comfortable fit
  • Available in variety of colors and prints


  • Fabric feels a bit rough for some children

Fruit of the Loom Days of the Week 7 Pack Brief is one of the cheapest options for a pack of potty training pants by a well known and popular brand. The real brief like design along with assorted cartoon character prints makes it quite attractive for your little one.

Toliet Training Underwear Buying Guide

Potty training allows you to say goodbye to diapers very gradually. However, just before your toddler is fully potty trained, your toddler is still in an intermediate stage. This is why it is important that parents use the right kind of underwear for their toddlers in order to ensure the safety of their little one. So, what are the different types of toddler underwear that are available today?

Toddler underwear is a great option for toddlers who do not yet want to use a diaper. Toddlers need something to wear while they go to the bathroom, and boy training underwear can do just that. This type of underwear not only makes it easier to potty train your little one, but also makes her feel safe and secure. These types of underwear are available in both boy and girl sizes. They come in a wide selection of designs and colors. These kinds of underwear come in various materials like cotton, Lycra, and spandex, so you can choose the perfect choice for your toddler.

What About Diapers?

A diaper is one of the safest ways to train your child. However, some parents choose to use a separate potty training underwear to make sure that their child can feel the sensation of being wet after an accident during the day. A diaper will deny your child that valuable feedback. Since your child is still wearing the underwear, they will soon be able to tell when the need to go the bathroom is coming. In addition, cloth trainers are more comfortable and will not irritate your child’s skin.

Toddler underwear such as boy training pullups help your child become more comfortable with using the potty. Toddlers have always complained that diapers can get quite uncomfortable after a few weeks of use. But training pullups can help reduce your child’s discomfort by allowing her to feel comfortable and at ease while she uses the potty. Toddler underwear like these will help improve your child’s self esteem by making her feel more independent. and confident.

With boy training pullups, you can even try a different style or size. You can try a short length to accommodate your child if she gets bored or if she does not get the same response every time. However, if you want to make your child feel comfortable in them, you can buy full-length ones. In fact, many parents prefer to buy this kind of underwear for both their little boys and girls as they think that it is comfortable for them. However, they are actually the most comfortable as it covers your child completely. This kind of underwear will give you complete comfort.

You cannot just go out there and buy any type of toddler underwear. You need to consider the type of underwear your toddler has. If it is a girl, you might want to stick with girl underwear like these, but if it is a boy, you might want to look for boy training pullups for them.


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